Pokemon Go Can Teach Us

Written by: Kerin Hanson

Thursday, July 21, 2016

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Pokemon GO Is the latest in digital entertainment that is taking the world by storm. This game is meant to get participants outside, exploring surrounding areas using geo-location to find little creatures called Pokemon. This is a phenomenon that started when I was younger and now the people of my generation have kids and are getting them into the craze as well.

Expand your horizons

The main point of Pokemon GO is to get outside and explore the world around you. This means going to places that you wouldn’t normally go to and capture that elusive Pokemon. Along the way you will be getting out of your comfort zone and into places you’ve never explored before. What does this have to do with Christianity you say?

Well, where did Jesus meet with most people? In a synagogue or temple? No. He met them where they were. On the side of a hill or mountain, a field or a valley, on a beach, in a boat. He went where they were. We, as a Christian people need to stop thinking we have to meet in a building to have a church service. Anywhere you gather can be a church service, and people who are milling about might be curious enough to join in on the festivities you are having. Humans as a whole are fairly curious (or sometimes nosy) beings, and I can bet that if someone saw a mass group of people they want to know what is going on.

Meet new people

Pokemon GO is a huge and trending thing right now. It’s connecting people in ways they never would have thought. You can tell when someone is playing the game. I had a couple girls in my neighborhood riding around on a two-seat all terrain utility vehicle. The passenger has their phone directing the driver and stopping along the roadside to catch new Pokemon. You can see other people walking around parks and community areas looking for them too.

When you see people milling about doing the same thing as you, it’s really easy to say “Hey, what did you catch?” or “Did you see a cool one?” You can create new relationships with people and invite them to church or events that you are having. Show the people out there what a Christian looks like. A lot of people think a Christian is a super stuffy person or insane for that matter. We can be normal people and still show what the love of Christ is truly like.

Blind Faith

You’ve probably seen the news stories about Pokemon GO hunters putting themselves in dangerous situations due to their utter devotion to the game. While we don't condone this dangerous behavior, it can be a reminder to Christians to put aside all else and focus more on our faith. There will be times in our walk with God that we will be called to act purely on faith because we do not have the whole picture yet. But if we use scripture and what we know of God’s character, we know he will keep his promises to us.

As long as we make sure not to elevate games or any other worldly possession to the level of idolatry, Pokemon GO can be a great reminder to help us live out our faith and bring Jesus to people in the most unexpected places or situations.

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