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Written by: Oak Hills Christian College

Thursday, August 03, 2017

 Students are engaged in a lecture at Oak Hills.

Do you feel that you are ready to jumpstart your college education? Oak Hills Christian College has a great way to help you accomplish your education goals!  Have you heard of Postsecondary Enrollment Option (aka PSEO)? If not, now is your chance. If you are going to be a junior or happen to be a senior in high school, please keep reading because this is for you.  

With PSEO, students are able to gain college credit while simultaneously earning high school credit. It gives students the opportunity to have up to two years of college completed upon graduating from high school. Not interested yet? How about the fact that PSEO is paid for by the Minnesota Department of Education? This basically means your tuition and books are covered by the state! The money paying for PSEO goes directly to the post secondary institution, making it simple, painless, stress-free, and beneficial for the student.

There are a few more important things you need to know about PSEO and Oak Hills:

  • PSEO is only for Minnesota residents who live in the state of Minnesota.
  • Each post-secondary school has their own criteria to follow.
  • Oak Hills Christian College has a relatively steep requirement for PSEO students to be accepted. We require students to have at least a 21 on their ACT or be in the top 30% of their class.

Oak Hills offers on-campus and online PSEO courses. See a class that is offered on campus but have a schedule conflict? No Problem! We can accommodate both. Oh, and have you heard of the parking horrors and cost of parking at colleges? You don’t have to worry about that at Oak Hills. We are small on purpose and want you to feel welcomed and wanted.

Before saying yes to PSEO, please pray about this decision. Let the Lord guide and counsel you throughout this process. There is also a  self assessment quiz you can take to see if enrolling in PSEO would be a good fit for you. Whatever you decide, do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God (Philippians 4:6).

If you’re considering becoming a PSEO student or would like to know more about the program and your options, check out our PSEO page or contact Kristine Bommersbach the PSEO advisor.



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