Wolfpack In Action: Jeremiah Johnson

Written by: Oak Hills Christian College

Thursday, January 26, 2017


What was your major/degree and why did you choose it?

I initially came to Oak Hills to get a 1 year bible certificate so I could assist with a youth investment ministry on the Iron Range. Towards the end of the school year I was encouraged by many professors to consider staying for Pastoral Ministries program.

I ended up deciding to enroll in the program because I wanted to see the gospel delivered to people who had never heard it before. I grew up in a home where I experienced the pains of alcoholism and the darkness that is present when Jesus is not. My heart has always been to bring the gospel to the down and out.

What year did you graduate?


What is your current position/title/and brief description of your duties.

7th Grade English Language Arts teacher at IDEA Public Schools in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. I teach Pre-AP Reading and Writing courses at a college prep charter school in which 100% of our graduates are accepted into 4 year universities.

What are you most passionate about in your work? Do you have future career goals?

The students. Brownsville, Texas is one of the poorest communities in the United States. I get to work with students who come from homes that are predominately sociologically and economically disadvantaged. Everyday I get to show them the love of Christ, while equipping them with the necessary skills to be successful in life.

How has Oak Hills uniquely prepared you for your career?

Oak Hills has prepared me for life and career in many ways.

A. Biblically- Oak Hills has top notch Bible scholars. I left Oak Hills with such a deep knowledge of God's word and was prepared with the ability to teach God's word to people who have been in church 80 years and people who are new to Christ. In addition, I feel very prepared to defend God's word to a culture that rejects it and unfortunately to Christians who are abandoning the Bible.

B. Spiritually- The professors at Oak Hills were more than instructors to me. They became friends, mentors, and spiritual parents. I could not have asked for better exemplars of the Christian faith to help me grow spiritually in the classroom and in life.

C. Challenging- The rigors of the classroom most definitely prepared me for tasks of ministry and my career. Courses were very challenging- which is fine by me because life is challenging. The hard work that was needed to succeed at Oak Hills is the same hard work that is required to be successful in work and ministry.

What memories will you take with you from OHCC?

I love Oak Hills! There is not a moment I have ever questioned my decision to go there. I met my wife and started my family at Oak Hills, took full advantage of the surrounding lakes and forests to hunt and fish with fellow students. For me, I consider everyone from the President to the receptionist as a friend and enjoy visiting the campus when ever I am in the Bemidji area. Every memory at Oak Hills is a cherished one and I reflect on my 4 years on Lake Marquette with great joy.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

When a student meets or exceeds one of their goals that they have set. Education is hard and it is the little victories pay off.

Any additional comments?

Oak Hills is the perfect school to prepare pastors for ministry in rural communities. It prepares you theologically, spiritually, and pastorally for the rigors and demands of small town churches.

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