Oak Hills Christian College New Residence Hall Update

Written by: Kerin Hanson

Thursday, May 19, 2016


We have a lot going on at Oak Hills right now! 

Not only are we in process of constructing a brand new state-of-the-art residence hall, but we've also redesigned the main road and entrace to our campus. It is going to look amazing when it is done, with plans to widen it to 50 feet, and add sidewalks and light poles the whole way in! This is going to provide a really nice road into campus and a comfortable and safe walkway for our students to get from campus apartment buildings to the main quad.  The plan is to have this work done before students get here in the Fall.

IMG_1700.jpgWe also held our official groundbreaking ceremony for the new residence halls on Saturday. Many current students, alumni, staff, board members, and community members attended that.  We had a short program beforehand and prayed for the new building too. You can check out the whole story on Lakeland News.


The foundation of your future home away from home.  

As of right now, the building now has the footings poured for the foundation to get done, the plumbing is going in and they are wrapping the footings in insulation.  It’s fun to watch the construction continue and see the new building slowly getting ready to go up.  The plan for students is even more exciting!

Concerned about how the renovations will affect your Christian college student life, or worried about where you might be staying this fall? Don't worry we've got you taken care of. The men will be living in the current Women’s residence hall (East Hall), and the women will be staying in the Pineview apartment complex on campus.  We are planning a moving party for when the new hall is done too, with trailers and staff and students to help you get your stuff from your current spot to the new building! YAY!

Keep checking in with us for more updates and pictures and don’t forget to visit our website, read past posts here, and Facebook to learn more about other happening too! In spite of construction work this summer, we'll be fully open,  and we'd still love to have you visit.  Are you thinking of coming to Oak Hills Christian College, or do you know someone who may want to?  Contact us now and find out how easy it is to come in for a Friday tour!

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